Wonkette's Weekly Top 10 Is Gonna Kiss And Love And Squeeze And Hug Him And Call Him George!

Weekly Top Ten

Good morning good morning good morning to you! it's that time again, but no it's really that time again, I have about four minutes to get this up and I don't think I'm gonna make it!

10. F*ck You, Dead Phil Spector. Phil Spector died. Fuck him.

9. Woman Who Took Private Jet To Capitol Riots Will Have To Manage Her Life Coaching Website In Jail. Didn't get a pardon at all, it's really sad you guys.

8. Nobody Wants To Come To Trump's Big Stupid Loser Send-Off Pity Party. Macho macho man.

7. 'Pro-Life' SCOTUS Justices Best Ever At Killing People. Isn't that weird? Huh.

6. Madison Cawthorn Remembers Time Madison Cawthorn Saved All Of Congress From Mob He For Sure Didn't Incite. This one was really special, you should read it.

5. Trump Demands A Farewell Parade. A F*cking Parade! He did. He demanded a parade. A fucking parade!

4. The Day Has Finally Arrived. Your All-Day Biden/Harris Inauguration Liveblog! And it was :)

3. M-----a T---p Sends Ghostwritten F*ck-You Notes To White House Staff. She did.

2. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About 'Sedition' Except We Forgot Eugene Debs. LOL you guys are nerds.

1. Giuliani Thinks Trump Should Just Tell The Senate Why He Ordered The Code Red. Oh did any news come out last night? It's probably a good thing we have an extra two weeks for factfinding.

And there you have it, I am still late. Have some pictures!


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