Wonkette's Weekly Top 10 Is I Don't Know, It Is Really Late At Night You Guys

Weekly Top Ten

Donna Rose and Tallulah, in CAT HATS

Tired! Winedrunk! SER had the week off, FINALLY, so ... don't know where I was going with that, tired and winedrunk. This week's Top 10 has been chosen by a clowder of cats, what that is not a real word and also cats can't read.

10. Let's Enjoy Some Epic Trump Flop Sweat! Don't remember which flop sweat this was, but it was one of them!

9. Lindsey Graham Wants Us To Use His Words Against Him. It's a kink!

8. Who's A Craven, Soulless, Hypocritical GOP Senate Sh*theel? ALL OF THEM, KATIE. Self-explanatory!

7. Who Wants To Watch Dr. Fauci Sh*t On Rand Paul And Call Him A Bad Doctor? This is a headline that says what the story is about.

6. It's Time To Be Absolute Motherf*ckers. In re the case of Ruth Bader Ginsburg v. the Shitheads.

5. Click Here If You Hate Lindsey Graham's Guts! Man we are good at saying in the headline what you are going to read!

4. His Gov't Job Was Informing Public About COVID-19. His Other Job Was Calling For Fauci To Be Executed. Yeaaaaah, that guy GONE.

3. Drink, Drink To RGB. This was a post about shit you can buy from us, featuring RBG. I felt bad! But then I didn't feel bad! (I mean about selling shit you can buy from us, featuring RBG.) There are T-shirts and cup and shot glasses and underwears, and we JUST YESTERTONIGHT finished up all the orders, hence "winedrunk" and also "what?" Feel free to buy more! Oh right, that's here!

2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1933-GODDAMMIT. This was written in the middle of my absolute stroke.

1. Mark Kelly Could Be Just The Spaceman To Launch Mitch McConnell's SCOTUS Dreams Directly Into The Sun. Oh, wouldn't that be terrible.

There you have it! This week's Top 10 as chosen by a clowder of cats! There are no more babby pictures this week, I am shocked I got the one I got for you already, like I said "SER week off" and "merch hands on deck." Give us money and GIT! Or stick around and kibitz with your amigos, GOODBYE.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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