Wonkette's Weekly Top 10 Is On Leave Baby! (No It's Not)

Weekly Top Ten

And then I stepped on the ball!

Did you miss your top 10 Wonkette stories last week, and long for them, and lament their absence? Liars. It would have just been a bunch of tabses and recipes, and you saw those already. It was just me sitting there all week! And Liz for some of it! Nonetheless, above is the babby picture you would have gotten, from last Thursday, when we all ate pie. Okay, enough blathering, get ready for this week's top 10 stories as chosen by a house of TikTokers. (They come in houses. It's a whole thing.)

10. Pretty Sure We Know What Bill Barr's Up To Right Now, Because We're Not Morons. I forget what he was up to, but I definitely knew it at the time, because "not moron," like Evan said.

9. Who Wants To Watch Rudy Giuliani Play Telephone With His Own Butt? NOT IT!

8. A Little Bit Of Christmas. This was a lovely post by one among you, who is remaining nameless at her request, and it made me to cry.

7. We Found The Kraken, This Entire Blog Post Is The Kraken. This was an extremely good blog post about the Kraken. You enjoyed it! As you should!

6. Bill Barr Just Saying Donald Trump Dead To Him Now. Well, in so many words.

5. Goya Bean Spokesmodel Ivanka Trump Pondering A Career In Politics. SER is so mean to poor Vanky. I should really talk to him about that.

4. BREAKING: Ron Johnson Is A POS. No lies detected.

3. The Trumps Bug Out. This was fabulous, by our occasional contrib Ali Davis, lord the funny on that girl.

2. Trump Getting Ready To Sign A Big Old Stack Of Get Out Of Jail Free Cards. You guys REALLY liked Liz's post. A hundred and twenty six thousand of you.

1. Oregon Nurse On Leave After Telling TikTok How Bad She Is At Her Job. And goddamn, Reddit liked Robyn's. Six hundred thousand readers later! That's an average entire month for us!

And there you have it! Wonkette's top 10 stories as chosen this week by a house of TikTokers! (They're biased.) Now, after you have sent us lovebux in the mail at


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