Wonkette's Weekly Top 10? YUP, IMPEACH!

Wonkette's Weekly Top 10? YUP, IMPEACH!

Hola hola! We are all in our places with bright shiny faces, and we are EARLY! Because at 10, Jay Sekulow is going to come out and do his surely incredibly well-prepared, and knowledgeable, and not lying rebuttal to the Democrats, who are terrible, we know because one of those disinformation guys said so:

LOL is right! Anyway, join me and Liz and possibly some WEEKEND EVAN! Could it be? Eh, maybe. In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, it is this week's WINNERS of "people read it."


10 How Sh*t-Scared Are Senate Republicans Right Now? This Sh*t-Scared. A post by Evan about the Republicans are shit-scared!

9 Space Force Debuts Snazzy New Uniforms That Make Total Sense For Space. A post by Robyn about SPACE FASHION.

8 And Now We Know EXACTLY Why Rex Tillerson Called Trump A 'F*cking Moron'. Because he is, dummy.

7 Dennis Prager: A Lying Liar Telling Lies About Yr Wonkette. Dok tells him WHAT is WHAT.

6 Rightwing 'Women's Forum': Diverse Stock Photos Demand Tax Cuts For The Rich. Another Dok! This was hilarious.

5 Stupid Man Who Is Somehow US President Embarrasses Himself At Davos. SER was all like "oh dear."

4 Jeff Bezos Responds To MBS Phone Hack By Setting Saudi Arabia On Fire. Liz thought this was KINDA a BIG DEAL.

3 We *Think* Democrats Would Like Some Witnesses And Documents. Impeachment Liveblog, Day Three! Evan.

2 John Roberts Not Our Real Dad, Can't Make Us Be Nice. Impeachment Trial Liveblog, Day Two! Evan.

Can you guess what your Number One post this week was? It was

1 Mitch McConnell Makes Turtle-Piddle All Over Trump Impeachment Trial (Liveblog, Day One!) Evan.


There you have your most-read posts this week! Good job, you! Good job, us! Now, after you click the clickie if you have not yet clicked the clicky

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Okay, goodbye till an hour!



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