Woodstock Museum Sen. Chuck Schumer's Idea!

peace.jpgSen. Hillary Clinton's pipe dream to fund a Woodstock museum in Bethel, New York wasn't her pipe dream after all--it was Sen. Chuck Schumer's! And now Chuck's fucking pissed! According to Bob Novak, the idea to fund the project was mostly Schumer's. Novak reported that Schumer was "seething" over being rejected by the Senate, and at Sen. Clinton for the lack of support and failing to show up on the Senate floor to defend the bill. Schumer denied there was any hard feelings. However, this could open us up to a strange new side of the man. Imagine, Sen. Chuck Schumer: Acid Head!

While Clinton strikes us a a less-annoying politician to drop acid with (yes, we really think about these things), perhaps Chuck has a fun, weird side. Where was he during Woodstock, anyway? Who knows? Maybe Chuck is a closeted Jimsonweed aficionado, or one of those woodsy types that can tell a hallucinogenic mushroom from a poisonous one?

Anyway, the Woodstock bill lost 52-42 (we'll explore the votes later), after it was revealed that the project's primary investor was also a mondo contributor to Schumer and Clinton. I know. We're shocked, too!

And the beat goes on...

Woodstock Wipeout [NY Post]


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