Word "Gun" Used Metaphorically, Creepily

gunad.jpgAbove, an ad that ran in Charleston Daily Mail and the Charleston Gazette last week, while the President was visiting West Virginia for a fundraiser. John Raese, the gentleman with the, uh, big-ass gun, is challenging crazy old bat Robert Byrd for his Senate seat (which will be pried from Byrd's cold, dead ass).

Now it's West Virginia -- they like to go around firin' guns left and right while hootin' and hollerin'. But, as Byrd's spokesman points out: "They just don't do it in tailored pin-stripe suits and expensive elephant guns."

Added hilarity may be found in the way Raese has his finger on the trigger while happily not paying attention to where it's pointed -- gun safety 101, John. As a concerned West Virginia reader tried to explain to us:

It's not that we West Virginians think Byrd is anything less than old and crazy, it's just that he's less terrifying than John Raese.

So, West Virginians, we promise to make a little bit less fun of you -- if you promise not to elect this creepy lunatic.

Raese's Gun Ad Literal, Symbolic [Charleston Daily Mail]


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