Work, The Curse Of The Drinking Class

The Hill features what is billed as a handy guide on how not to let your work interfere with your drinking -- er, we mean your drinking interfere with your work -- but it doubles as a good tipsheet on which lawmakers you really, really don't want to work for. In Sen. George Allen's office, almost no one curses. Rep. Joseph Pitts has a written policy that bans his aides from "the unlawful manufacture and sale or use of controlled substances in the workplace." Rep. Thaddeus McCotter doesn't even let staffers drink during the day!

But those guys, naturally, are all Republicans. Virginia Democrat Jim Moran, on the other hand, has no policy on booze whatsoever, and his female staffers can wear their skirts as short as they want. Republicans -- no cursing, no drugs, sober all day. Democrats -- drunken hussies. Hard to believe the election turned out the way it did.

At least some people recognize how short-sighted all this is:

As one GOP lobbyist put it, “The staffers who don’t drink get left behind... if alcohol were taken out of the equation completely Congress would get even less done."
Well, okay, that's hard to imagine. But still. We don't understand where the Republicans are coming from. What's the point of controlling the entire federal government if you can't do it drunk?

Here's How To Have Fun And Also Not Get Fired [The Hill]


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