World Bank Meeting Becomes Scene From "Logan's Run"

The best meeting in World Bank history went down at a press conference this morning. The head of the bank's Staff Association demanded Wolfowitz's resignation, then demanded the release of documents related to Wolfowitz's hiring of his mistress. They opened the floor to questions, employees bitched for a while, then it all got even more entertaining.

In a dramatic turn of events, Mr. Wolfowitz appeared at the bottom of the stairs below which Ms. Cave was answering questiong. Ms. Cave recognized the President and invited him to say a few words on his behalf. Mr. Wolfowitz said that he was "constrained to talk about the details" of the situation and that his "biggest mistake was that I didnt try hard enough to stay out of it" in reference to Ms. Riza's external assignment. Finally, Mr. Wolfowitz stated that "I will abide by any remedies the Board proposes." As Ms. Cave rebutted his comments members of the crowd began chanting "resign". Visibly uncomfortable, Wolfowitz left with his advisors while Ms. Cave continued taking comments and questions.

Poor, poor Paul Wolfowitz. If this keeps up, Ana Marie Cox may stop doing his show.

Staff Association calls for Wolfowitz's resignation [Bank Information Center]


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