ladybugs.jpg[10:05] AnonymousHillStaffer: USA USA USA

[10:05] wonkette: YES

[10:06] wonkette: FUCK GHANA

[10:06] AnonymousHillStaffer: haha they just showed people in times square watching on the big screen

[10:06] AnonymousHillStaffer: there were like 20 people watching

[10:06] wonkette: ha

[10:06] AnonymousHillStaffer: because NOBODY CARES

[10:07] AnonymousHillStaffer: im watching on univision though so it seems a lot more important

[10:07] wonkette: of course

[10:07] wonkette: i wish i got the Ghanian networks

[10:08] wonkette: they'll be burnin' some flags tonight

[10:08] AnonymousHillStaffer: the coverage would be things like "death to america"

[10:08] AnonymousHillStaffer: or "courageous ghanans bring death to america--in soccer"

[10:08] AnonymousHillStaffer: haha

[10:08] AnonymousHillStaffer: i love when other countries burn our flags

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