World Famous Comics Curmudgeon In Fancy 'New Yorker' Interview

World Famous Comics Curmudgeon In Fancy 'New Yorker' Interview

Oh why looky here!Wonkette's own Josh "Comics Curmudgeon" Fruhlinger is getting more famous by the day, and today's proof is an exclusive Q&A in the elitist New Yorker's decadent Cartoon Lounge, which is a blog for furries and cartoon fetishists. Let's see what he has to say about Alex Trebek, cartoon gays, and Mary Worth's last days.

Alex Trebek and his crew:

Everyone who runs the show is incredibly nice. They do warn you that Alex might go crazy and maul you if you come onto the set smelling of meat, make direct eye contact with him, or try to get between him and his cubs, but that all just struck me as common sense when dealing with such a beautiful and dangerous animal.

The mysterious sexuality of many soap-opera comic-strip characters:

To be fair, the only soap-opera male that I’m absolutely sure is in the closet is Rex Morgan. Sam Driver, the main character in the “Judge Parker” strip these days, just seems disinterested in sex altogether, which has only become more hilarious since a new artist has taken over and made his wife into a ludicrously proportioned sexpot. And Mark Trail’s asexual facade probably covers over layer over layer of almost unspeakable sexual perversion, none of which, I’m reasonably certain, involves human males or females.

Mary Worth's spectacular end:

I’m pretty sure that the last several weeks of Mary Worth will consist of her cackling maniacally as she stands atop a mountain of the corpses of her victims. Then, in the final strip, a missile from an unmanned Predator drone will destroy her mountain lair, and the final panel will be some grim-faced Special-Ops guy declaring that “we just killed history’s greatest monster.”

In conclusion, Josh Fruhlinger is a credit to his generation, his profession, and to Wonkette, except when he embarrassess himself on Jeopardy.

An Interview with Josh Fruhlinger [The Cartoon Lounge]


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