Here's a bit of nice news, now that Joe Biden is president and closing in on the end of his first 100 days in office, and Donald Trump is not president: The world hates America a little less!

Obviously the world is not going to be able to unsee the Trump era, nor is it going to ignore that America is currently a nation with one viable democratic (little "d") political party and one authoritarian, conspiracy-theory-obsessed insurgency (big "R"). And the world got a really stupid education in our stupid, undemocratic system in 2016, which allowed the Electoral College to team up with Russia and the Trump campaign to create a "win" for a man who lost the vote of the people by almost three million. The world saw that. It was not impressed.

But things are getting a little better, because the world also saw in 2020 that the good guys still outnumber the bad guys, and enough of us came out to vote that, our fucked up system be damned, we resoundingly put a decent American president back in office.

Morning Consult submitted a questionnaire to the whole world, or 14 rather carefully selected countries, and found some good news. On average, people like America nine percent better than they did before Biden became president.

We assume Morning Consult wouldn't lovingly make a nice chart like this if they didn't want us to lovingly borrow it, so here, have a Morning Consult chart!

As you can see, just about everybody likes us better than they did six months ago. Germany's numbers have moved bigly, with now 46 percent of Germans definitely liking us, up from 24 percent. France went from 29 percent amour to 46 percent. Most European democracies feature similar shifts in public opinion of America.

Another big increase is in Japan, from 36 percent to 55 percent. Haha, that's a majority! Thanks, Japan! (We have so much work to do, Jesus Christ.)

As for our neighbors, during the Trump Times, 26 percent of Canadians had a good opinion of America. Now it's up to 40 percent. Still not a ringing endorsement. Likewise in Mexico, 60 percent of them already liked us in the Trump Times (can't imagine why), and now it's 68 percent.

As we said, though, it's only just about everybody that likes us a whole lot better. There are exceptions. India went from 77 percent "we like you" to 79 percent "we like you." They just like us, on a general level! Russia went from 40 percent "we guess you're OK" to 43 percent "we guess you're OK." Which isn't impressive, but is also only marginally less support than we get from Western Europe. South Korea is just stickin' with 47 percent approval for America, or in other words, "meh."

And in China, where they really weren't fans to begin with, the American image has actually gone down from 21 percent to 17 percent. It might have something to do with America screaming "'GIIIIIIIIIIIINA VIRUS!" for over a year now, and the rise in anti-Asian sentiment and attacks in this country. It also might be Hunter Biden's fault.

Morning Consult includes some sexplanations from the sexperts, which is definitely how these academic types are used to hearing themselves described:

"Most Western Europeans, and Germans are most emblematic here, dislike a hawkish U.S. foreign policy, for which reason George W. had pretty bad approval ratings. With Trump, this effect just exponentiated," said Dr. Christian Welzel, vice president of the World Values Survey Association and chair in political culture research at the Center for the Study of Democracy at Leuphana University L√ľneburg in Germany. "Biden is widely considered as a more than welcome relief, especially with the return to the Paris Accord and his administration's attempt to recover the transatlantic bond." [...]

"International opinion of the United States, in many nations, is genuinely contingent on American actions," said Dr. David Farber, a University of Kansas professor who edited the book, "What They Think of Us," on post-9/11 international perceptions of the United States. "People in many nations around the world are, I think, hopeful, that the election of Joe Biden marks a rejection of Trump's 'America First' bullying and go-it-alone international policies and a return to a more collaborative, pro-democracy approach to international affairs."

So this is nice. We got a Biden bump. A big one.

But again, they can still see us and what we've been and done for the past however many years.

Lotta work to do.

[Morning Consult]

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