World Powers Deeply Concerned For Humanity, Debate No-Fly Zone

World Powers Deeply Concerned For Humanity, Debate No-Fly Zone
  • Gadhafi has tens of billions of dollars stashed all over Tripoli, according to anonymous "American intelligence officials" who probably just pulled that estimate out of their hairy cornholes. So despite an international freeze on all of Gadhafi's assets, The Crazy Colonel could still easily bankroll his mercenary army for 1,000 years, unless of course NATO reluctantly intervenes and saves all that delicious oil, reluctantly. Meanwhile, NATO defense ministers are meeting today to discuss the possibility of implementing a no-fly zone over Libya, and other "international responses" to this civil war. France has already recognized Libya’s rebel leadership, and Obama says he will wait for "European and Arab support" before we invade -- what a gentleman! When NATO does eventually intervene, it will be for "humanitarian purposes," just like when the Concerned World Powers invaded Sudan and stopped the ongoing genocide in Darfur! Haha. [NYT/CNN]
  • The Dalai Lama announced that he will cede his political responsibilities to "a leader elected freely by the Tibetan people." [BBC]

  • "Only 1 American in 7 has faith a lasting economic recovery has taken hold and a plurality say they are personally worse off than they were two years ago." [Bloomberg via Political Wire]


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