World War III Briefly Delayed; Mexico Apologizes For Mocking Our Retarded Beauty Queen

¡Ay, caramba! - WonketteSeveral months or maybe even years ago, one of our civilization's nightly televised beauty contests was held somewhere in Mexico, and the American contestant was even more comically challenged than the usual beauty queens, and she fell on her ass after mumbling some incorrect Spanish, and all the Mexicans laughed and laughed and booed the USA.

Furious unemployed non-Hispanic Americans could not believe it! They demanded apologies and also demanded that all the illegal aliens leave the United States. Both of these demands were ignored by everyone, especially everyone in Congress and the Bush Administration and, presumably, in Mexico.

But today, after Washington's announcement that Mexicans now out outnumber non-Mexicans in the USA, the government of Mexico decided it might make "Americans" feel a little better if they finally got a lame little apology. So Mexico's president assistant tourism director said "Lo siento, dummies,."

Mexico Apologizes for Jeers at Miss USA Rachel Smith After Fall [AP/Fox News]


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