World's Dumbest Website Headed Towards Higher Vistas

World's Dumbest Website Headed Towards Higher Vistas

Ed Hale's majestic website,Ex-Hillary Clinton Supporters For John McCain, has already conquered the Internet several times over, and is now looking towards new, uncharted waters: "print newspapers." The next step in Evolution, avast! Here's Ed's rallying cry in the "plans" section of his site: "Ok, it is time to get serious and let the DNP know that we are not coming home in the fall. One of our member said it was time to take action and I agree." PREPARE FOR THE NUCLEAR OPTION: a single half-page ad in one local tabloid newspaper. Appearing once! Ed'll show these "shifty-eyeds" indeed!

Here is Ed explaining how he will capture the "Chicago Sun Time" with his dastardly advertisement, and also admitting that he is full of BS:

I think what we need to do is run a 1/2 or full page ad in the Chicago Sun Time letting the whole dam world know that we are full of the BS that Obama and the DNP is feeding us.

If we do this in Chicago, then the Obama camp will shit a brick. We will go into his own backyard and mess with him. That would be fun because the shoe would be on the other foot.

Riots! Panic on the South Side! Daley the Second decapitated by 18,000 tabloid paper cuts to the throat! Dead Norman Mailer somehow writing an article about it, for Parade magazine!

Contingency plans!

I had also thought about hitting some of the cities with ads in the Thrifty Nickel. Less expensive and common folks read them cause they are free.

The Thrifty Nickel too?! This nation is about to explode.

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