World's Greatest Blog Comment

World's Greatest Blog Comment

We were just enjoying thisPolitico story about how Matt Drudge hearts Barack Obama and this is Reason #2,098,388 why John McCain won't be president. And then, just as we clicked for the next page, we had a brief glance at the world's most insane, perfect blog comment in America's long stupid history of blog comments. Really. Come see.

A young man gets shot down in enemy territory. He is taken prisoner of war for 5 long years. Some years later, a young man in the south side of Chicago smokes crack with his friend down a run down alley. His name is B. Hussein Obama. McCain served his country. He fought for to keep American free. What did Obama do with this freedom, he chose to smoke crack. My president will not be a crack addict.

Yes! "CharlesSD" for the win! This comment, of course, was the first of (so far) 333 comments about the famous news-link page Drudge Report not loving the Republicans enough.

It was posted at 4:50 a.m. this morning, exactly 10 minutes after the story appeared online. That is an uncharacteristically long gap between posting and commenting -- it's almost possible to skim over the four-page feature in 10 minutes -- but this was also during what most people consider the "middle of the night."

"CharlesSD" continues his obviously cut-and-pasted irrelevant comment with the following:

The real heat isn't coming from the right, it's coming from all those 17 million Hillary voters who are united against an Obama presidency. By and large, we are voting for McCain so deal with it. I speak for millions of her voters and we are going to take Hussein Obama down.


This, of course, was "updated" by the commenter exactly one hour and eight minutes later. Jesus fucking christ.

Drudge Report Keeps Campaigns Guessing [Politico]


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