World's Shortest Wonk'd: George Will, Some Fireman

George Will is watching you masturbate.This week, George Will is sure going to be bummed when Borders shuts down for good, and one of you recognized a fireman or something. You people are not really being very good spies and operatives, are you? We realize nobody cares about anything but Barack Obama these days and all the famous-for-D.C. people are either recuperating at home or out on somebody's campaign trail, but Jesus Christ, how about a few sightings?

It's easy and fun! Just snap a picture with your cell phone, if you can, and text us a few words about who/where and whatever they did, especially if they were acting lame.

We will even "link to your home page" or whatever people like these days, "tap your Facebook," perhaps? But send us some sightings or we will kill this weekly column, with a knife. Thanks!

  • Does this even count? I saw Spokesman for D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Alan Etter eating lunch today at Lauriol Plaza. He was with two other uniformed firemen and one other guy. looked exactly the way he does on TV. Not sure what he ordered but i hope he didn't miss out on the guac!

  • I rung up George Will again at Borders 18th and L Sunday morning (3/24). Buying more books and audio books. Didn't seem to be politics related, but not baseball related either, a bit disappointing. Still not smiley, even on Easter Sunday.

See someone we've heard of somewhere in or near the district? Tell us about it in an email, with the subject line "Wonk'd."


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