Wash all the dirt out .... - WonketteWhile we generally agree with the need for a national health plan like civilized countries tend to have, the following contest just announced on Michael Moore's website sort of makes us want everybody in America to go ahead and get sick and die:

The "Take a Republican to See 'SiCKO'" Contest!

Can you imagine someone from the government coming to your home to help you with the laundry?

Well, they do it in France and if you enter the contest this weekend you will have the chance to win the same treatment for a Republican friend of yours from Michael Moore himself!

A randomly chosen Republican (submitted by one of you) will be selected to have Michael Moore come to their home and personally wash their laundry!

The idea, presumably, is that you are a libtard do-gooder who also, somehow, has a Republican friend, and that this Republican friend is so down and out that he or she will attend a documentary by GOP favorite Michael Moore about socialized medicine with you, so that you can mail in the ticket stub (do Republicans get different ticket stubs?) and then possibly punish your Republican friend by sending Michael Moore to your so-called friend's home, where Michael Moore will fill up the washing machine with the Republican household's dirty clothing and then, presumably, just hang around through the cycle, then load up the dryer, hang around for that -- maybe making small talk about socialized medicine, or interesting pets, or? -- and then, maybe, fold the clothing and put it all away and say good-bye.

This is why we don't have a national health system in the United States: Everyone is mentally ill.

PS -- French social workers don't just routinely show up and do your laundry in France, by the way. But if you're just home from the hospital with a new baby, you have the option of having someone come by and help you out with household chores, which is pretty awesome and, of course, totally civilized and how things are in all rich countries, except for this one.

The "Take a Republican to See 'SiCKO'" Contest! [Michael Moore]


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