Worst Colleges: Make Sure You Don't Go Here! Tabs, Fri., Dec. 18, 2020

Worst Colleges: Make Sure You Don't Go Here! Tabs, Fri., Dec. 18, 2020

"Trump silent as massive cyber hack poses grave risk to US." Well no shit, CNN, what do you want him to do, say don't do that Russia?

Buzzfeed congratulates itself on the FINCEN Files reporting, as it should, and notes that anti-money-laundering amendment finally tucked into the defense spending bill (which Trump keeps coming up with very odd reasons to veto!), after all these years.

Trump can't find his vaccines with his asshole, or elbow, whatever, they're all like DUrRRRR. (Washington Post)

How will we deal with the Q people, who used to be normal, just like us? "We Need To Learn To Talk To (And About) Accidental Conspiracists"

I bet you don't know who Ruby Freeman is, and that would make you a normal person. Here's some background.
In reality, Ruby runs one of those kiosks in the middle of the mall that sells ladies' accessories, purses — that sort of thing. She also helped count ballots in Georgia last month. Her business is called Lady Ruby's Unique Treasures, and I don't recommend you look at the Instagram comments for that store anymore.

That's because, on 4chan and far-right blogs, she is some sort of Sith Lord/Al Capone combo, who personally stole the election by doing…something with briefcases? That part's unclear, but what the QAnon people are certain of is Ruby Freeman — a 60-something election worker who also sells handbags at the mall — is part of the global conspiracy to steal the election.

A wonderful piece by Ben Collins at Nieman Lab

For the first time in history, UNICEF will be feeding children in the UK. (Sky News)

Aimee's husband is a piece of shit. I guess there's other people in the story after him, but I had to stop reading. — V old story from The Lily!

These two California women are in prison for murdering their unborn children by using drugs. So that must be why Axios headlines that I don't click tell me California AG Xavier Becerra is "in the hot seat" or whatever. Because he shows up a couple thousands words into this story saying California law is clear that women can't be prosecuted for pregnancy outcomes in California, so he's probably "in the hot seat" for "baby killing extremist," yeah, it's probably that. — LA Times

Lindsey Graham lying bizarrely about Section 230 again. Get yourself a quick primer if you don't understand it already! (Techdirt)

"Wet plate collodion" portraits of Rep. Deb Haaland. — Shane Balkowitsch

Really fun splainer on the bookmakers who made a fortune on Not Donald Trump. (Slate) Yessssss and now the idiot losers are suing yessssss. (Daily Beast)

Who was on Judge Mathis yesterday? Candida. — Sam Irby, Bitches Gotta Eat

A pleasurably bitchy Drew Magary piece from June on why doucher Adam Rapoport's Bon Appetit sucked. (I'm a Food and Wine girl myself.) — SFGate

"This Year I Have to Set the Holiday Ham on Fire Myself." (Food and Wine)

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