Worst Way To Retire! Just Avoid These Five Blunders! Tabs, Fri., Oct. 22, 2021

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Twitter seemed to think Kyrsten Sinema might be looking to crawl out from under her rock yestertoday, we will believe that when she votes yes on it. Meanwhile, I'm a-guessing I'm Team Gallego come the 2024 primary. (CNN)


Some asshole is signing Jim Banks's name to these "Ranking Member" January 6 House Select Committee letters! — CNN

New definition of chutzpah: Trumper voted his dead wife's ballot then tore his hair and gnashed his teeth and went to the media about all the dead people voting. (Nevada Independent)

New Wisconsin gerrymandered electoral maps would give two-thirds of the state Assembly seats and three-fourths of the congressional seats to Republicans, in a state Joe Biden won :) (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Michigan is replacing all the boards that certify county vote totals with Trump lunatics :) (Talking Points Memo)

Texas's new secretary of state helped Trump try to overthrow the election :) (HuffPost)

Montana's new congressional seat ... might actually be a get! Meet the Flathead Reservation (where I live!) tribal DA who chairs the constitutionally mandated bipartisan districting commission! (The American Prospect) Okay, but this is mildly funny though. The commission advanced two maps and the Republicans are bitching that one isn't "compact." They want the one with the Kalispell wang. (MTPR)

Cool guy, former national director of the Tribal and Native Lands Program for the Trust for Public Land, could be new National Parks director, is cool. (NPR)

Well these would be good things, we should do them.

Davis School District in Utah apparently didn't think any of these actions were racist. Kids will be kids and what have you. DOJ — in an investigation started during the Trump administration — disagrees, and oh golly the district can't wait to be better. (KSL)

How the Biden proposal for banks to report your transactions to the IRS would work: If you're an investor or own a business, banks would report total income and total withdrawals that sum up to more than $10,000, once a year, because those are the groups of people who underreport income. If you earn wages, the IRS already knows about it. Also, people making less than $400,000 a year won't be subject to more audits, just the wealthy. I'm a bit surprised when I see you in the comments bitching about your priiiiiivacy from the IRS, honestly, side-eye, yous. More at Popular Info.

The Penny Hoarder polled on how people were paying for child care, and whether or not the expanded Child Tax Credit helped, guess what, you will not even believe it, it did!

West Coast, Northwest, and Mountain West, we are going to be WALLOPED by WEATHER! PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE INTO A FLOOD. — Accuweather

Hey, this is fucking cool! Old Nissan Leaf batteries to store your solar and use it at night, or deliver back into the grid! (Canary Media)

Can we make up the decarbonization (CEPP) Joe Manchin is insisting on axing from the Build Back Better bill? David Roberts says it's possible, with nerd words and charts and whatnots. — Volts


Working from home is bringing the city to the suburbs. (Vox)

What does "housing first" mean? It means housing first, dummies. — UCSF

Only Murders in the Building's title Easter eggs, so that's actually fun! (Salon)

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