Wow, The West Wing Is Still On?

I Am Your President. Obey Me. Vote For Howard Dean!It's Wednesday, so for the six people who still watch the West Wing, we figured we should direct you to this handy study guide before tonight's episode airs. (No, no, we know -- more than six people watch, especially now that there are so many unemployed, depressed Democrats fantasizing about candidates the public would actually want to vote for.) A sample:

Contemplating how this episode left the future campaigns of the various Presidential contenders, what do you predict has been set up? A) Josh is totally going to run for office himself. B) Josh brings back Sam Seaborn to run. C) Alan Alda runs and wins. D.) Bartlet gets even more FDR happy, runs again E) asteroid from next week mercifully wipes out the planet F) NBC cancels the show before any of these questions have to get answered.
We're kind of hoping for E, followed immediately by F. But really, we don't care -- we'll be watching a show whose name fits our current political climate better.

The Five Question WEST WING Study Guide [DCeiver]


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