Wrestling Ad Generates Exciting New Name For Senator Clinton

So much for that dream ticketConservatives have a brand new nickname for Hillary Clinton, and it is even worse than "Hillz," "Hillaryous," "Downhillary," or any of the other meaningless terrible nicknames that liberals usually throw around. That new nickname is "Hill-Rod," which Hillary Clinton used in the WWE promotion that the liberal elitists refused to watch because it made their vaginas hurt.

Hill-Rod celebrated her new name by threatening to bomb Iran on Good Morning America. She also told Obama to get out of the kitchen if he couldn't stand the sink being thrown at him. Then she drank six SoCo and Cokes and shot rabid raccoons off her back porch and the entire National Review staff masturbated in awe. Thank God this will all be over in two weeks, when Ron Paul pulls out a surprise upset in both Indiana and North Carolina.

Meet Hill-Rod [National Review]


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