Wringing of Hands Watch: We Didn't Realize a Salmon-Colored Paper Could Blush

Isn't it great that after someone denies the substance of a rumor, it's OK to publish whatever the hell you want? All last week reporters with scraps of KerrySexania had been hopping around impatiently like someone waiting to pee, and finally: sweet release. We never thought the New York Observer could claim to have scruples as high as those of Lloyd "If It's on the Internet, I'll Print It" Grove, but the NY Observer goes Lloyd one, maybe two or three times, better, citing not only Out of Africa's Friendster profile (as Lloyd did), but also slagging the Drudgey webscribes who contributed to whole sordid digital blorgy: "What cracks were left were filled in by the thick, spittle-moistened glue of dozens of bloggers who knew someone who knew someone, or didn’t know anyone but had a great theory." Bonus points for adding a fillip of furrowed-brow pondering: "The problem is that, as with so much information that’s found in a environment encrusted with irony and cynicism and much colder than the medium cool of television, the data . . . can be interpreted in many different ways." Yeah, what they said! (We don't understand it, but it sure sounds smart.) Indignation about loose vaginas and journalism ethics all in one tasty pink package! Take that, CJR.

[whatsherface], Insta-Celebster [NYO]

My Vagina Monologue [NYO]

KerrySex: Because Everyone Knows How Reliable Friendster Is [Wonkette]


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