Write Your Own 'Washington Times' Story -- and Save!


Liberal [plural noun] [verb] a [abstract noun] to [verb] Bush

By ["Journalist" name]

[vaguely snide comment]

Liberal [same plural noun] -- [Vietnam reference, general dislike of hippies] -- plan to [slightly sinister noun] near the [somewhere inconvenient for liberals to be] tonight, [description of annoying, ineffective action] to [verb phrase that makes the President sound like a victim] the President's [important, non-annoying President-related action].

[couple hundred words unrelated to the lead, inserted because the lead wasn't actually news and this story isn't actually interesting]

Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda, Harry Belafonte and Sean Penn [repeat as necessary]


Liberal Activists Promote a Ruckus to Silence Bush [WT]


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