House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff talked with Rachel Maddow last night about a series of hearings he has planned on Volume One of the popular melodrama "The Redacted Mueller Report." Schiff said next Wednesday -- livebloggy alert! -- they'll begin with a hearing on Mueller's counter-intel findings, which remain a mystery, as they did not show up in the report. Those are the things that could tell us, for instance, if Donald Trump is truly compromised by Russia, as he seems to be, or if people near him are compromised. (Perhaps people with improperly procured security clearances, HMMMMM?) It also has to do with Russian incursions into our voting systems in 2016, attacks that we still don't know that much about. (Recently we started to learn a lot more about how deep the Russians got into Florida voting systems, and now there is news out about certain problems in North Carolina election servers that might could have Russian dressing all over them. It's like they're following the map of the states Trump won on election night in chronological order!)

In the Mueller Report, it says there were FBI agents embedded in Mueller's team, taking the counter-intel stuff they found and transferring it to the appropriate places in the FBI. And as far as the report is concerned, that's where it ends. And we've been wondering where the fuck it went ever since!

The Justice Department and FBI, as Schiff has said many times since the Mueller Report came out, have been specifically holding these counter-intel details back from the Intelligence committee. Recently, Schiff pressed pause on a contempt vote against Bill Barr, after the DOJ cried uncle and said "OK OK OK, we will give you some documents, just PUH-LEEZE do not hold Bill Barr in contempt. He doesn't like being held in contempt!" And Schiff told Maddow last night that they've gotten some stuff so far, but not all the stuff. Particularly not the counter-intel stuff.

In terms of how many answers we've been able to get in the Intelligence committee, we've been able to get some. [...] But on those fundamental questions [...] -- "What happened to the counter-intelligence investigation? What were the findings from that investigation?" -- we still can't get an answer, and I have to say it's very concerning that it's so hard to get an answer to these very basic questions. And it makes you wonder, did someone really drop the ball here? Or are there findings that they don't want the Congress to have for whatever reason? Do they shed negative light on people currently serving in the administration?

Sorry, our gut says nobody dropped the ball here, least of all Robert Mueller. Is it possible that the FBI might have come under political pressure to hide all the good stuff about how Trump is a literal actual Russian agent under a bushel? Yep, it's possible. Is it also possible that the FBI didn't do that, but now Bill Barr is sitting on it with his voluminous ass, rocking back and forth from cheek to cheek so nobody can get their hands on it? Yep, it's possible.

Folks, this is the INTELLIGENCE committee. It is supposed to get briefings on COUNTERINTELLIGENCE whenever it wants, no questions asked. And Schiff has said in the past that those briefings pretty much came to an end after Trump fired James Comey. We have no idea why.

So we are left with the only reasonable question, which is WTF THE FUCK IS BILL BARR HIDING FOR TRUMP RIGHT NOW?

Wonkette recently laid out a few questions we'd still like some answers for, like such as:

1. Why did Donald Trump jizz classified information all over the Russian foreign minister the day after he fired James Comey?

2. Why does he roll over like a Pomeranian every time Vladimir Putin walks into a room?

3. Why does he constantly do Putin's bidding and seem to see foreign policy through an acutely Kremlin-infected lens?

4. Where's the part of the Mueller Report about why Moscow's Alfa Bank was communicating almost solely with a Trump Organization server during the campaign? And whose bidding exactly was Cambridge Analytica doing?

On top of those questions, the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have 60 more questions they laid out in a letter, questions they'd like to ask Robert Mueller if/when he ever comes before their committee. Of course, their committee chair is Lindsey Graham, who clearly doesn't want any answers to questions about national security concerns that might involve the president he's probably texted seven times already today about when they can go golfing again, promising that he will let Daddy win, as usual.

So it mostly falls to the House committees to try to get answers to these questions, because that's who's asking. And so far, Bill Barr's Justice Department isn't answering.


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