Yes, This Is What The 'GOP Renaissance' Looks Like


  • Sesame Street beefs on FOX? Oscar the Grouch lives in a trashcan because he is a dirty Maoist. [Gateway Pundit]

  • Barack Obama > Moderate Democrats > Barney Frank's Dining Room Table > Moderate Republicans > Michael Steele. [Matt Yglesias]

  • The best part of last night was when voters told the Gays they couldn't get married. Remember the Maine! And suck a fat one, Rachel Maddow! [The Corner]

  • A Hoffman poll watcher had his tires slashed by ACORN, but "local police are not willing to confirm it was a tire slashing." Ha, typical! More foul play from the conniving Democrats. [RedState]

  • "The GOP renaissance has begun," said the cow blocking the train. "Moo." [TPM]


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