Right now, over on the Twitter machine, both Illinois Nazis and #IAmGettingSoTiredOf are trending. So are "murder hornet" and "Rey Mysterio" but I couldn't tell you what either of those things mean. I assume all hornets are murder hornets.

I am, however, getting so, so tired of Illinois Nazis. And all Nazis. Just in general.

I think we all are.

Illinois Nazis is trending because yesterday, at a ReOpen America type rally in Chicago, some Covidiot showed up with a sign reading "Arbeit Macht Frei, JB [Pritzker]." It means "Work makes you free" in German.

Notably, that phrase appears on a sign at the entrance of Auschwitz.

File:Eingangstor des KZ Auschwitz, Arbeit macht frei (2007).jpg ... upload.wikimedia.org

Another protester held a sign with a swastika on it, reading "Heil, Pritzker."

JB Pritzker, the Governor of Illinois, is Jewish. The insinuation here is that the Jewish Governor of Illinois is just like Hitler, because he is requiring people to stay home in order to not spread an extremely contagious virus. That, for the record, was not what Hitler was doing. He was not doing mass genocide to protect Jewish people from dying. Anne Frank did not have Netflix and Zoom Happy Hours. This is also not what racists in the South were doing to black people during Jim Crow. This is not at all like any of those things that these people keep trying to compare it to in hopes that people will develop the same sympathy for them that they have for victims of genocide and bigoted laws.

Perhaps the real problem here is that if these people think that their current situation right now is at all comparable to either of these things, they must think those things were not actually that bad.

Already, we've been through the usual paces on this.

We had a few people claiming the "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign was fake because of an AP Fact Check article saying that a sign that read "Work Makes You Free" was photoshopped. However, the sign that was photoshopped came from a Pittsburgh rally, not the rally in Chicago.

Then the official Auschwitz Memorial condemned the sign, which is not a thing they should even have to do.

According to a report from WBEZ on the protests, there were also signs declaring nurses to be Nazis, and nurses who showed up in PPE to protest the protesters were told they were stealing valor from the troops.

Some nurses gathered at the Thompson Center to express support for keeping the stay-at-home order in place. One of those nurses said he was frustrated by the insults hurled at him by some of the protesters, whom he said berated him and offended him with a sign that he said read, "Nurses are Nazis."

"People were telling me that I wasn't a real nurse, that I was a paid actor," said Paul Pater, a University of Illinois at Chicago Hospital emergency room nurse and Illinois Nurses Association board member, who organized the counter-protest. "Some of the things these people say kind of don't make sense because they're worked up in a frenzy. They were saying, 'You're not a hero. You don't have valor. You're stealing valor from the troops.' "

That doesn't even make sense. But what here does?

As Pritzker explained in a statement to WBEZ, if Illinois reopens soon, it won't be because of these jerks, it will be because ofthe people who stayed home:

When asked for reaction to the protests Friday afternoon, Pritzker said the protesters were exercising their rights, even if they were wrong. But, if numbers of cases continue to drop and the state is allowed to reopen, "it won't be because some protester has a sign," he said. It would be because of those who are staying home. "They're keeping people from getting sick and dying."

Yeah. And if we all have to stay in longer (and if I can't go back to Chicago as soon as I'd like), we'll have these jerks to blame.


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