Yes, You Can Go To Jail For Being Too Blackkety Black, Y'all

Why isn't the NRA defending this lawful gun owner?

As if black people didn’t have enough to worry about with The Keebler Klanner Jeff Sessions in charge of the Justice Department, we now have a brand new threat: Negrotanamo. Rather than shipping us off to the real Guantanamo Bay for being way too blacketty black, it seems that they find it far easier to just label us BIE and lock our asses in jail. Before you get to thinking BIE is something Beyoncé came up with and start hashtagging #BIEBeyonceIsEverything to all the Beyhive, I should inform you that we wish that was what BIE meant. Because let’s be honest, Beyoncé IS Everything. For real.

BIE means “Black Identity Extremists” and really, that could be anybody from that brotha who wore nothing but Cross Colors and Kufi back in ‘92 like Laurence Fishburne in School Dayz, to that Hotep brotha who lives like Malcolm X and has his own gun club. Honestly, it could even be Wonderbitch who gets accused of being a BIE by every Chad, Chadwick, and Chadderson on a regular basis, so we can just call it “fake news”. Because that’s literally what it is.

For years, Black people have been explaining to anyone who gave a damn enough to listen to the words coming out of their mouths, that black people are getting arrested for doing absolutely nothing wrong ALL THE TIME. Each time we have a new round of protests because an unarmed black man gets killed by police, people look to find ways to prove that the black person deserved it. Even 12 year old Tamir Rice, who was killed while playing in the park with a toy gun, WAS TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS OWN DEATH AND NEEDED SHOOTING! Because only white kids can play with toy guns, everybody knows that.

Black activists like Rakem Bologun took exception to the idea that everytime a black person got killed, some white folks around America were rallying around their killers. He decided to keep it real and flip the script. And since this is America, it got his ass investigated by the FB fucking I. You know, like COINTELPRO? Apparently Rakem decided he was angry and rallied behind the shooters of some police officers that were killed by going on Facebook and saying things. He says he was just mirroring what others were doing.

I just mimicked their reactions to our killings.

And this led him to being the first black man being prosecuted for being a BIE, though not "officially".

So, how did the FBI learn about this scariest of scary blacketty black men? Well, in the normal place that an investigator might go to find the truth: Alex Jones’ Infowars website. Oh, does that seem kinda bizarre? We all remember how Pizzagate turned out, don’t we? According to FBI Special Agent Aaron Keighley, in 2015 a video of an anti police violence protest featuring Bologun showed up on InfoFuckingWars and that’s all that was needed to prompt a YEARS LONG investigation into a black activist. He was eventually charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and refused bail because, hey, they say he was super scary and blacketty black, what more information do you need?

After five longs months of Negrotanamo, Bologun was released after the judge dismissed the charges, saying they did not apply to him since they were based on an old misdemeanor case of Bologun’s. Bologun did, however, express concern about Alex Jones' website being used to target him in the first place.

Here is what he said:

They’re using a conspiracy theorist video as a reason to justify their tyranny? That is a big insult.

Well, yeah, that's pretty stunning indeed. Who the hell uses anything Alex Jones puts on his website as evidence of anything? It is time for the FBI to stop trolling the Infowars website looking for black people who are angry at the police and try looking for some of Trump's goons.

We would ask why the NRA isn't defending the gun rights of this lawful gun owner, but we are sure they are on their way very very soon, just wait. They might send Diamond and Silk, be patient! In the meantime, being too blackkety black will still get your ass arrested, so beware and good luck.

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