Another Accused Capitol Rioter MAYBE Bad At Crime, Caught After Bragging On Facebook

Another Accused Capitol Rioter MAYBE Bad At Crime, Caught After Bragging On Facebook

It's a tale as old as ... about five months ago, really. Boy meets Capitol building, Boy illegally enters Capitol building, Boy riots inside Capitol building, Boy brags about entering Capitol building on Facebook, Twitter or a dating app, Boy gets arrested. (Allegedly, innocent until proven guilty, etc.)

John Maron Nassif, 55, of Chuluota, Florida, was arrested on Monday on charges of "entering a restricted building or grounds and violent entry or disorderly conduct," after having bragged about his exploits on Facebook and subsequently being reported to the FBI by someone who knew him and saw the posts.

"You know I was there, right?

Via DOJ:

NASSIF's public Facebook page revealed a conversation on January 8, 2021, in which NASSIF states, "You know I was there right?" In addition, on January 9, 2021, NASSIF has a conversation on Facebook in which he writes that he deleted his Twitter account and the application. NASSIF also writes, "Download this and turn off auto updates for your apps on your phones. Encrypted comms should we need them,"

Yep! He encouraged people to use encrypted communications apps, because he was so stealthy, but also publicly bragged that he was part of the riots.

Yet another witness who was friends with Nassif on Facebook also reported him to the FBI, citing a January 20 post in which he uploaded multiple pictures of himself at the Capitol riots and talked about going into the building, which he was not legally allowed to do.


[F]ound myself inside the building. The Rotunda was nearly filled with people. No one was fighting or being violent. More pushing and I decided to leave. It wasn't until I was walking back that I heard a rumor someone had been shot. It wasn't till I got back to my hotel room I learned the specifics. Anyone telling you this was some type of coup etc is telling you lies.

Then what was it they were trying to do? Because it seemed pretty obvious they were trying to prevent the election from being certified so that Donald Trump could continue being president indefinitely.

I realize I have a somewhat advanced understanding of crime, as a result of the many episodes of "Dateline" I have seen, but even a child knows that if you do something you know you're going to get in trouble for, you don't go around bragging about it. Perhaps on the day of the riots they thought they wouldn't get in trouble, because they felt they were just following orders from the president. Perhaps a case could be made that they actually were that stupid.

But by January 20 it was pretty clear this was a thing people were going to prison for. Yet Nassif still thought it was a good idea to share his crime scrapbook to Facebook.

The Orlando Sentinelalso reports that Nassif, who "faces up to one year in prison, a year probation and a $100,000 fine," refused to wear his mask during a court hearing today, and is otherwise a real piece of work.

After the hearing, Nassif yelled "Go away" and held up a hand to block his face as a group of reporters tried to ask about the charges against him.

A review of Nassif's Facebook page also shows memes and news stories that say the riot was organized by left-wing groups such as Antifa.

He also posted news stories about anti-mask and lockdown mandates and another claiming the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention inflated COVID-19 deaths by 1600 percent. Multiple posts he shared were flagged for spreading false or misleading information.


And now, your OPEN THREAD.

[Department of Justice]

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