gopwflag.gifWonkette tipsters by the millions are blowin' up our inbox about the latest piece of GOP "satire," anti-Harold Ford website "Fancy Ford." Certainly, it's the type of thing that practically tugs at our sleeve for attention, but what's to say about it?

Basically, we went over the entire website, and, on the surface, it's pretty tame. Really tame. Sort of embarrassingly tame. Harold Ford eats at The Caucus Room? He gets pedicures? He once ran up a $20K tab after a month at the Biltmore? He smokes Davidoffs? WHUH-HUH-HUH-HUH-HUT...EV-ERRR! This is the United States Congress, kids! Filled with moneymakers and the big-time crooks! They ALL do the things Ford is described as doing.*

But, that's just the SURFACE level. We all know what the GOP is actually saying with this website.


Shorter Fancy Ford: "Harold Ford will freak your white daughter in the ass. In fact, he's already turned your white daughter into a slut."

It's times like these where I wish that the GOP could follow in the example of their departed senior member Strom Thurmond, who at least had the moral courage to be able to look at women of all races and say to himself, if only in private: "Dad gum it! All I know is they're pink where it counts!"

*Except for having Biz Markie at your fundraiser! Sorry, but that is, as they say, TEH AWESOME!


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