Yokel Slobs Protesting NYC Mosque Mistake Local Black Carpenter From WTC Construction Site For Scary 9/11 Muslim


Are you super scared about the Islams building aswimming pool so close to 9/11? Is there anything about lounging around in a burqini in Thomas Jefferson's version of the Koran? Exactly. So what happens when a "union carpenter who works at Ground Zero" stops by the idiot demonstration to ask why these yokels are coming to New York and making a stink about something that has literally nothing to do with their lives of driving gas-guzzlers around some half-abandoned exurb somewhere while listening to AM radio and hissing through their dentures at the Taco Bell for letting all those Messicans into Real America? Watch the awful video and find out for yourself!

[YouTube via Wonkette commenter "Rural"]


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