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Send in the Clones, John Kerry! - WonketteWonkette operatives with way too much time on their hands implore us to attack The Hill's "Blog," where you can read the freewheeling and totally unedited thoughts of senators and representatives.

It's like MySpace, if MySpace pages were nothing more than impossibly wooden press releases sent out by congressional staffers. Sleep-inducing examples, after the jump.

Sen. John Kerry: "We must refocus our military efforts from the failed occupation of Iraq to what we should have been doing all along: tracking down and killing members of al Qaeda and their clones wherever they are."

Rep. Diana DeGette: "The involvement of so many agencies can result in duplication of responsibilities, service gaps and inconsistencies and confusion about which agency oversees different types of food."

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison: "In an effort to create a proposal that bridges those policy disagreements, I worked with Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana to incorporate the House priorities as well as elements of the diverse Senate views in a new approach."

Rep. Brian Bilbray: "As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I understand that there is no five year statute of limitations on catching terrorists who have murdered and are seeking to kill more Americans."

Rep. Rob Simmons: "I have been concerned about the low rate of production of submarines ...."

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