You Deadbeats Expect Erick Erickson To Keep Insulting Trans People For Free? Give Him Money!

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You Deadbeats Expect Erick Erickson To Keep Insulting Trans People For Free? Give Him Money!

Last week, Twitter suspended conservative ignoramus Allie Beth Stuckey when she called New Zealand Olympic weightlifter Laurel Hubbard a "man." Hubbard is openly trans, and Stuckey is openly a creep.

"Laura Hubbard failing at the event doesn't make his inclusion fair," Stuckey wrote. "He's still a man, and men shouldn't compete against women in weightlifting."

Her tweet violated Twitter's rules against hateful conduct, which prohibit "expressing hate towards a person, group, or protected category."

Stuckey later whined on Instagram, whose standards are apparently more lax, that “Twitter has suspended me for 12 hours for saying Laurel Hubbard is a man, which is objectively true. What's that Orwell quote? Something about the further people get from the truth the more people will hate those who say it?"

Stuckey's bigoted remarks are not objectively true, and I'm too damn old to even bother linking to the readily available data that disputes her. This is the 21st century, y'all. Also, Stuckey should consider hosting the quiz show, “What's That Orwell Quote?" for conservatives who've never actually read any George Orwell.


Conservative radio host Erick Erickson rushed to Stuckey's defense, tweeting: "This is absurd. Laurel Hubbard is a man even if Twitter doesn't like it." Erickson has a law degree, so he should realize that Twitter is a private company so it does sort of matter whether it “likes" what people post on its platform, especially when it's hate speech.

Erickson was also suspended for violating Twitter's plainly stated terms of service. He is still free to insult trans people in the privacy of his own home or on his radio show that I'm sure is very popular. He even has his own blog, like any average pre-teen with access to the Internet. There's no limit of options for him to share his grossness with others.

But, no, without Twitter, there is no freedom! Erickson later declared in a mass email:

Well, it seems post-modernity has caught up to me. Twitter has suspended me for a statement of fact that Twitter's woke employees do not like.

Twitter's “woke employees" produce the service Erickson uses for free.

In defending Allie Beth Stuckey, who was previously suspended from Twitter for a statement of truth, I reiterated that, in fact, the New Zealand transgender weight lifter is a man ... Twitter has suspended me for stating the truth.

Twitter suspended Erickson and Stuckey because the company has rules. Maybe the company would prefer not to be what Medium writer Candice Aiston called “a cesspool of white male toxicity." Anything's possible, except that Erickson or Stuckey might possess a shred of human empathy. They might not like it, but they co-exist in a world with trans people who are deserving of dignity and respect.

Erickson makes a big show about “truth," like he's a privileged adolescent who's too full of himself to resist expressing his crude, uninformed opinions. I'm no longer 20 years old with a copy of Nietzsche's The Antichrist in my backpack, so I don't tweet random photos of Christians at a church service with the message, "Their God is both silly and imaginary." That would make me an asshole.

Erickson's Twitter suspension was temporary, but he assumes it's only a matter of time before he's permanently banned for “stating biological truths." Poor baby.

But here's how gullible rubes his faithful supporters can help in his time of need.

This is just a reminder that your subscription to this email helps me keep telling truth even as platforms like Twitter ban me. Your subscription not only keeps me going here, but helps fund my radio program's national syndication so that Woke-O Haram cannot pressure my advertisers because I depend on you, not advertisers.

Please consider subscribing if you haven't. It is $70.00 a year or $7.00 a month and your subscription keeps me in the truth telling business with a platform the Wokes cannot shut down.

Yes, for just $7 a month — the price of a small Starbucks coffee — you can receive more quality bigoted content from an asshole who was strangely obsessed with Pete Buttigieg's bedroom habits. It's a bargain for the type of person who'd eagerly trade their family's cow for magic beans. Frankly, Twitter has already set the fair market value for whatever Erickson actually offers the world.



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