You Had Me at "r u free?"

wouldnt_brag_about_efficient_love_life_if_i_were_youWe knew that Blackberrys could be used as sex toys, but we had assumed that it had to do with setting them on "vibrate." On Sunday, NYT informed us that this Tamagotchi-for-grown-ups can also be used to meet people: "Once the Hill staffers got the Berries, the social dating scene was revolutionized. . . Suddenly they have gone from earnest policy wonks and flacks who leave at the end of the day to mini-keyboard Lotharios."

"Mini-keyboard Lotharios," eh? Do they exchange tips with the Bluetooth Don Juans? Of course, if you rely on your Blackberry to get laid, you will never hook up with anyone outside the congressional-journalistic complex. Way to isolate the gene pool, people! Until now, we'd thought that talk of "the incestuous relationship between media and the government" was just a metaphor, but, clearly, it's starting to look like West Virginia over there. The next generation of Hill staffers will flirt by just pointing at their genitals and grunting.

A BlackBerry Throbs, and a Wonk Has a Date [NYT]


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