You Have One More Hour To Steal This Wonkette Art Election (UPDATE: WE HAVE WINNERS)


Maddow/Scalia/Alien art contest entries are in an effective tie for the lead and we can only give out two autographed Rachel Maddow books. We will stop voting at 3 p.m. ET on the dotso hurry up and vote/cheat/revolt/kill if you've got a stake in this thing. UPDATE: POLL CLOSED, ENEMIES FELLED. Meet your wieners!

The winning entries were #4 and #7, which tied with 176 votes apiece, right at 3:00, after a furious late charge from #7. Everyone else lost!

All hail commenter banana_bread:

All hail commenter iburl, also, too:

They each win an autographed copy of Rachel Maddow's new book about how awesome war (especially the bombing children with robots part IMO) is! It's the most happenin' beach book since Noam Chomsky's American Power and the New Mandarins.


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