• A Jacksonville, Florida, high school named after KKK founder and Real American hero Nathan Bedford Forrest voted to protect its name and all the white women forever. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Meanwhile, Barack Obama wants to let thousands of white women needlessly perish. Help us, Nathan Bedford Forrest High School. [RedState]

  • North Korea is now on Twitter! @U.N. will impose Twitter Sanctions in 3,2,1... [The Hill: Twitter Room]

  • Rich person "Steve Schwarzman" insists Barack Obama's tax increases are basically re-invading Poland. A good effort Steve, but most Americans don't even know what Poland is, so next time maybe try a different angle, such as "no taxation without representation, burn King George Obama III in effigy," etc. Either way you sound like an idiot! [Daily Intel]

  • The Blagojevich Jury has requested several million dollars, because they're not going to come to a decision for "fucking nothing." Just kidding, but they did ask Judge Zagel if they could review some boring testimony. [The Caucus]


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