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A quick Dear Shitferbrains for you smart kids today, in response to our recent piece on Dinesh D'Souza's continued insistence that historian Kevin M. Kruse please bitchslap him with facts again and again. It turns out we picked the wrong historian to lionize, according to "Hadding Scott," who dropped by to let us know we had foolishly referred to a mere Princeton professor instead of to the most comprehensive take-down-er of D'Souza's lies, "Hadding Scott" himself.

"Scott's" missive is a classic of the "Actually, I did it better than the mere professional" genre. Enjoy!

Kruse is a Johnny-come-lately who barely scratches the surface of all that is wrong with what D'Souza has been saying the past three years. For example, Kruse has nothing to say about D'Souza's misrepresentation of Andrew Jackson, or the fact that eugenic sterilization was mostly a Republican cause (19 of 32 governors who signed eugenic sterilization into law having been Republicans, according to information that I compiled). It was I, not Kruse, who drew attention to Republican president Herbert Hoover's meeting with Fascist foreign minister Dino Grandi, after D'Souza had said that only Democrats would deal with fascists. I also have exposed D'Souza's misrepresentation of his alleged sources, Eric Foner, Steve Inskeep, and James Q. Whitman. But the leftist media are comfortable with Kruse, who is a leftist too; so he gets to be the "bĂȘte noire." The leftist media help their own.

I guarantee that D'Souza is more comfortable interacting with Kruse than with me. He made the mistake of responding to me a couple of times last year and had his ass handed to him -- which is especially humiliating because I am a nobody with no eminent credentials. I am also able to have greater credibility than Kruse could ever hope to have with D'Souza's supporters, because I am attacking him from the right.

Honestly, we have to thank "Scott" for letting us know D'Souza somehow misrepresented Steve Inskeep, although why he'd have been beefing with one of the hosts of Morning Edition isn't entirely clear.

Mostly we were simply amused by that "It was I, not Kruse, who..." bit, because, like silly sheep, we were far more interested in writing about D'Souza's recent penchant for trying to gin up some Twitter fights for the sake of getting a few butts into theater seats, considering his latest bad movie's lousy performance.

Oh, but then we googled "Hadding Scott" and found out that he has indeed published his historical musings in outlets with a wide following...of Nazis. He's got bylines at the Daily Stormer (for instance, "The Jew Who Caused the Second World War"), at the "Committee for the Open Discussion of the Holocaust," where he slammed notorious fraud David Irving for not being tough enough on the Jews for fabricating the Holocaust "hoax," and at the National Vanguard, where he offers his very own parody of the cover art for D'Sousa's latest bad book and movie:


Captain Hadding even has his own happy little blog,titled "National-Socialist Worldview," where he happily explains what Dinesh D'Souza got wrong. Here's the weird thing: On D'Souza's historical errors/lies, "Hadding Scott" seems to have done his homework, which isn't too surprising, because fact-checking D'Souza is like shooting very dull fish in a fairly shallow barrel. Of course, "Scott" has other beefs with D'Souza beyond mere facts, because D'Souza has moved past attacking liberals, and is now attacking racism by trying to associate Democrats with slaveholders and Nazis. You know, the good guys.

With Death of a Nation, however, D'Souza is not only attacking the Democrats. Now he adds effusive praise of Lincoln and argues that racists do not belong in the Republican Party. Believe it or not there are many Republicans today who are racists and not uncritical of Lincoln. [...]

Although D'Souza struck a chord in 2012 when he attacked Obama, since then he has been gradually alienating his Republican audience, and the Party of Trump also has less need for what he offers.

Fortunately, our visitor has some career advice for D'Souza: Instead of lying about Nazis being leftists -- "Scott," a real Nazi, has no use for leftists or foolish Republicans -- D'Souza and other conservatives ought to embrace racism and

go back to attacking figures that White people in general are still afraid to criticize, and leave off the attacks on racism and on White icons like Andrew Jackson. A movie presenting all the dirt about Martin Luther King, Jr. would probably be a blockbuster and it would actually be helpful. If we could get Rush Limbaugh to stop referring in reverential tones to "Dr. King," that would be fantastic!

Just to make sure you get the point, he includes a funny Orwell parody:

Mind you, it's probably not very useful to point out that even a friggin' Nazi knows how bad Dinesh D'Souza's history is, because of course Nazis are, in D'Souza's imagination, just a bunch of leftists, no matter how much they want to hang leftists as traitors.

In conclusion, 2018 continues to suck heavily, so the hell with it. Go to the Spokane meet-up if you can! And find some nice Flat-Earthers or Raelian UFO enthusiasts to comment here.

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