You May Already Be a Weiner (Get Out the Vote Edition)

Go to Arizona for the Grand Canyon but stay for the possibility of getting $1 million if you cast a ballot in an election there. NY Times reports that a "political gadfly" (was it Shakespeare--or Norman O. Brown, the Danny Thomas of political philosophy--who wrote, "as wanton gadflies to shit, we kill them for our sport?") is pushing a ballot initiative that would reward one lucky voter with a $1 million novelty check.

The initiative, which seeks to boost interest in and turnout for elections, is being roundly booed by good gov't types as "crassly commercial." A tougher question comes from anarcho-syndicalists still crying over pre-Franco Spain: What's so fucking great about voting in the first place?

At Wonkette, we'll settle for a return to "hard cider" campaigns as a get-out-the-vote tactic.--Nick Gillespie


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