You Never Forget Your First Liver

  • The Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution does apply at Guantanamo Bay after all. So what to do with the detainees, now that there's no reason to keep them? [New York Times,Washington Post]
  • The unique nature of this presidential race has invited the media to make all sorts of unfortunate gaffes, which we can expect to continue through November and indeed eight years of the Obama presidency. [Wall Street Journal]
  • As to sexism in news coverage of Hillary Clinton, nobody sees any evidence of it (except Katie Couric, Howard Dean, and Clinton supporters). [New York Times]
  • Groceries and gas aren't the only necessities getting more expensive these days -- now the cost of illegal livers is skyrocketing! (If you are a Japanese gangster.) [Los Angeles Times]
  • John McCain shines in town hall-style formats, where he doesn't look like he's being eaten alive by his podium. [Washington Post]
  • Soon, the nation's unemployed may get 13 more weeks of sweet sweet checks...that means 13 more weeks of obsessive commenting on Wonkette while you're supposed to be looking for a job. [Politico]

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