You Will Never Believe This, You Guys, But Chris McDaniel Supporters Might Be Racist

You Will Never Believe This, You Guys, But Chris McDaniel Supporters Might Be Racist

Let's just wander over and check in on the ongoing car crash train wreck that is the Mississippi Senate race, shall we? Did Chris McDaniel ever even concede? If he did, his own supporters would probably tear him limb from limb, because they are a pack of rabid dogs, basically. Leading the pack would likely be living breathing Mr. Potato Head blogger Chuck C. Johnson. Tuesday, Johnson got Daily Breitbart or one of those rightwing blatherblogs (his own rightwing blatherblog we guess? unclear because "not paying attention") to publish his completely unsourced "story" about the black pastor that totally boughted up some black people to vote for Thad Cochran yep sure. Wednesday, he was likely the mastermind -- we use the term very loosely -- behind a Thad Cochran press call descending into complete and utter chaos.

The press call was supposed to be about giving Cochran an opportunity to respond to the relentlessly weird attacks from McDaniel and friends. About 15 minutes before the call was supposed to start, Johnson tweeted out the phone number to his inexplicably large-ish amount of followers and invited them to crash the call with him. You'll Never Guess What Happened Next!

[T]he call was quickly hijacked by callers who later referred to themselves as supporters of McDaniel. One repeatedly interrupted Cochran campaign adviser Austin Barbour.

"Quick question," said the caller, who did not identify himself. "Since black people harvested cotton, why is it OK to harvest their votes? Why is it OK to harvest the votes of black people?"

After Barbour largely ignored the question, the questioner asked again: "If black people were harvesting cotton, why do you think it's OK to harvest their votes?"

Do you want to listen to a chunk of this thing as it completely leaves anything remotely resembling the rails? Sure, why not?

How long do you think a doughy-faced white dude like Chucky Johnson and/or his ilk had to think before coming up with the "harvesting votes, get it? huh? get it??" gag? We're going to say three or four days, minimum. Don't get us wrong, though. None of the other people that stayed on the call sound like stone cold geniuses either.

The call didn't end when [Cochran campaign adviser Austin] Barbour hung up. Callers lingered, chatting with each other. Some wondered if the Cochran campaign had planted the interruption to make McDaniel supporters appear racist. Others wondered if it was President Barack Obama's doing. At one point, callers played Obama soundboards back and forth at each other. One person noted how it was blowing up on Twitter, because "BuzzFeed retweeted this!"

Let's address all these points right quick-like. First, the McDaniel supporters appear to need no help whatsoever in appearing racist. Next, though we are sure that Barack Obama is capable of many nefarious things, he is probably above the tactic of crashing a reporter phone call, particularly given that no matter what happens here, a conservative southern Republican white dude gets the Senate seat. And finally, Obama soundboards what?? Is this a thing that real reporter-type reporters keep handy? Does yr Wonkette need to get itself some Obama soundboards? What the hell is an Obama soundboard? We're pretty sure we need one, whatever it is.


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