You Will Probably Not Get A Job With The Obama Administration


Guess who wants to work for Barack Obama? Everyone! And maybe in a few years, once he has nationalized the couple of industries that haven't already been nationalized and formed a WPA for singing madrigals and puppeteers, literally every American citizen will be his employee. But for the time being, most of the THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND people who applied for jobs with the Obama administration will probably not get hired.

The Obama team only needs to fill about 8,000 jobs, so virtually nobody who submits an application will actually get a job offer. Most positions have already been promised to Tony Rezko, Rod Blagojevich, and Hussein "Barak" Noooobama's other notorious Chicago cronies. Obama plans to stimulate the economy by paying each of these cronies a billion dollars a year, which they will spend on Buick sedans and 20,000 square-foot stucco boxes with vinyl windows and shitty oak cabinets.

Obama transition sees eye-popping 300,000 resumes [CNN]


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