You'll Believe a Libertarian Can Drink

In case you missed the earlier warning invitation, a reminder: Reason magazine is having a happy hour at the 18th Street Lounge (1212 18th Street NW) tonight, starting at 6:30. The bar is near the intersection of Jefferson, 18th, and Connecticut, and it's a little tough to see from the street - look for an unmarked door next to a mattress store and walk up. Special guests include most of the mag's staff, ABC News' Jake Tapper, and the DC Examiner's and FishBowl DC's Patrick Gavin.

And sez Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie: "Randomly sized Reason t-shirts to the first 30 or so guests who make themselves known to us. And countless Reason stickers to put on the backs of unsuspecting liberals and conservatives alike."

-- David Weigel


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