You'll Pry This Sandwich Out of My Cold Dead Hands

Gas giant ConocoPhillips is conducting an experiment in corporate civil disobedience. In its Oklahoma home office, it's expressly flouting a state law forbidding employers from banning concealed weapons in the workplace. The National Rifle Association has retaliated in short order with a call to members to boycott Conoco gas stations and a series of billboards proclaiming "ConocoPhillips is no friend to the Second Amendment."

NRA president Wayne LaPierre notes with characteristic restraint that ConocoPhillips's precedent is permitted to stand, it "could be a blueprint for thousands of corporations across this country to declare their parking lots anti-Second Amendment zones." which could in effect gut 'carry' laws in 38 states and restrict hunters on every hunting trip." The Christian Sciece Monitor's Kris Axtman and Mark Clayton report that LaPierre also claims that it may just be a matter of time "before gun owners would have nowhere to get a sandwich or fill up with gas."

Damn straight. Because you remember the old adage: First they came for the shotguns and I said nothing. Then they came for the canapes. . . .

Worker Right or Workplace Danger? [Christian Science Monitor]


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