Young Black Comic Artist Gets Bored Of Newspapers, Quietly Walks Away

We guess it was one of those talk-talk-talk comic strips .... - Wonkette"The Boondocks" was much discussed by the nine people still concerned about the funny page, and today the Washington Post reports that it's all over for the comic strip.

We believe this leaves the funny page without an angry young black cartoonist. Aaron McGruder quit the strip after taking a sabbatical to make a lot more money doing the same cartoon for television, a medium many people enjoy. But he didn't officially quit, or something.

In any case, the demise of McGruder's strip means that the standard newspaper funny page has lost yet another comic strip that wasn't funny. Newspaper executives promise all the other not-funny comic strips will remain until you die and your neighbors finally cancel your paper.

Syndicate Says 'Boondocks' May Not Return [Washington Post]


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