Your 2007 Camry Suddenly Has A Sexy Air Of Danger

  • Kindly ancient giant Paul Volcker, a nearly invisible member of the Obama administration for its first year, may be gaining in prominence as the pinstriped weasel Tim Geithner fades. [The Big Money]
  • U.S. stocks had a hissy fit over President Obama telling the banks they could not do whatever they want forever. [Washington Post]
  • Say goodbye to any Democratic majority anywhere ever again, now that the Supreme Court has allowed the evil Corporates to spend bazillions of dollars on political ads. [New York Times]
  • A wee problem with sticking accelerator pedals has caused Toyota to recall 2.3 MILLION of its potentially murderous vehicles. [MSNBC]
  • Scott Brown said that Ted Kennedy's shoes were "very, very big," and we all know what that means. [Wall Street Journal]
  • This might be the year that inflation finally comes to bite the enormous Chinese economy in its enormous, inflated ass. [Los Angeles Times]

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