• WELL, WELL: Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize! For nuclear things! Anyway this is better than at least 3/5 of the summer Olympic events. [New York Times]
  • The moon, well, most of it, managed to prolong its existence overnight despite NASA's best efforts. [New York Times]
  • 160-ish people were killed in mudslides in the Philippines. The last time things were this flood-y there was 40 years ago. [AP]
  • A car bomb in Pakistan killed 42 people and injured 60 more. No one officially took credit but people are generally thinking "Taliban." [Times Online]
  • Olympia Snowe arguably still matters. This seems tenuous! Anyway, the LA Times has interviewed every known resident of Maine to prove it. [LA Times]
  • Gen. McChrystal and the military people would like 40,000 troops sent to Afghanistan. [WSJ]

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