Your American Horoscope For America And Other American Stuff At You Too


Today is Freedom Eve, so naturally we are celebrating over at Happy Nice Time People! Between the apple pie, the guns, and the glory, we don't know what to do with ourselves! But don't worry, we've got your horoscopes and your Bobby Womack and your (NBD) RACHEL MADDOW LOVING WONKETTE and so much more.

We figured out everything about you based onĀ American Astrology (TM).

We gave you five kickass Amurrrican tunes to rock your 4th of July party out!

We discovered that foreignball soccer players and their fans are big lying babies sometimes, about injuries!

We loved Bobby Womack.

We experienced a Lindsay Lohan renaissance! (Not really, she's just suing a video game company.)

We realized that Rachel Maddow is in love with Wonkette, NO BIG DEAL SHE IS JUST THE BEST!

Now enjoy yourselves this weekend, and don't forget to sample the fine fun over at Happy Nice Time People!


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