Your Anus and the Law

Craigslist poster finds the next Washingtonienne: "I am so traumatized by the very existence of your anus now."

Speaking of, a lawyer offers advice on how to blog about your ass (or someone else's) not to get sued:

A savvy speaker could even prepare to publish a truthful but possibly privacy-infringing publication by talking up a storm in the relevant community beforehand. The chatting wouldn't be publication, and thus wouldn't be tortious - but it would ensure that the facts chatted about were no longer private.
Immunity via chatting up a storm, eh? Time to organize that Wonkette happy hour...

Are Accounts of Consensual Sex a Violation of Privacy Rights? The Lawsuit Against the Blogger "Washingtonienne" [FindLaw]

Ode to the intern I am forced to share an office with [Craigslist]


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