Your Crybaby Ethics Can't Help You Now

breaking long and hard! - WonketteThe serious professional journalism professors over at (the website with the Romenesko guy) have posted a serious investigation about the crybaby excuses editors are giving for not running the Foley e-mails.

Everybody had these things. And yet, only ABC News was brave enough to post a little web story about them. (Wonkette postedthemfirst, but whatever, usual MAIN STREAM LIBERAL MEDIA trying to stop REVOLUTION OF BLOG!!!)

What is the lesson? Well, we didn't read the whole Poynter thing due to BORING but it's probably this: Just post whatever people send you. If it's "real," hooray. The important thing is to bring laughter to the world, for nothing is as precious as a child's weird laughter.

Dissecting the Foley Investigation [Poynter Online]


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