It's Friday. We're having massive technical problems. That can only mean one thing: Katherine Harris. Today in the media circus: Jeb enters the ring. And Katy (we can call you Katy, right?) is right behind him all the way.

Gov. Jeb Bush on Thursday added his voice to those of Republicans from Tallahassee to Washington, worried that Katherine Harris' chaotic Senate campaign could damage their party.

"I am the party leader. I've got concerns," Bush told reporters. "The campaign can't be about her. It's got to be about Bill Nelson and the future of our state. ... She asked my advice, I gave her that exact advice, and it's gotten worse since."

Asked if he'd like to see another candidate get in the race, Bush said: "I'm not saying anything. I'm giving you a candid opinion of where the race is today. It can be turned around."

Hours later, the Harris campaign e-mailed an announcement headlined,"Harris Agrees With Governor."

Beautiful. Does Katherine Harris have the best sense of comic timing in the House? Oh, and what about that new crack campaign team she hired to turn things around?

There's media consultant Paul Wilson, whose Wilson Grand Commuications happened to work with Harris' new campaign manager Glenn Hodas on Illinois Lt. Governor Corinne Wood's 2002 gubernatorial run. You'll remember that campaign, surely, as the one that ran ads featuring footage of planes hitting the WTC in OCTOBER OF 2001. Which, you know, was generally thought to be beyond the bounds of good taste (until summer of '04, anyway -- maybe it would've been alright if the announcer had just added "too soon?").

So -- with those guys running things, we imagine the turnaround will happen any day now. Here's another picture of Katherine Harris on a horse:


Though, as an operative noted, she really does look better in profile:


Bush Voices Concern About Harris [SPTimes]


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