kingofthesea.jpgTen kinds of crazy going on in this Chicago Tribune piece about Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his, uh, stranglehold on the sushi industry. Yeah, we didn't know that one either. So, as the tipster who brought this piece to our attention noted, every California roll you eat helps subsidize the quality, money-losing journalism of the Washington Times. And who knew cornering an industry could sound so simple?

"I have the entire system worked out, starting with boat building," Moon said in "The Way of Tuna," a speech given in 1980. "After we build the boats, we catch the fish and process them for the market, and then have a distribution network. This is not just on the drawing board; I have already done it."

In the same speech, he called himself "king of the ocean."

Oh man. "The Way of Tuna." "King of the ocean." Just, wow. We're really glad no one pays attention to this nutcase.

But, as a rival Chicago fishmonger points out, "It's kind of tough to compete in this industry with a company that is so global, has a major presence in almost every market and that is driven by religious fervor." Except in media, where, surprisingly, it helps to not be clearly batshit insane. Most of the time, anyway.

Sushi and Rev. Moon [ChiTrib]


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